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We offer you a short guide to measure your wrist:


When measuring your wrist :

  • Use a tape measure
  • Measure the circumference of your wrist by adjusting the tape measure just above your wrist bone, or where you like to wear your bracelets.
    • For a standard bracelet : Add 1 cm to your measurement
    • For a tight bracelet : Choose the measurement as you took it
    • For a wide bracelet : Add 2 cm to your measurement

When you order:
Please select the size from the "Size" drop-down list, we will make sure your bracelet fits you perfectly.

Note: If you don't have a tape measure, use a piece of string to measure your wrist, then place the string on a ruler to get the measurement in centimeters


Bracelet sizeWrist size in centimeters
1413,5 à 14,4 cm
1514,5 à 15,4 cm
1615,5 à 16,4 cm
1716,5 à 17,4 cm
1817,5 à 18,4 cm
1918,5 à 19,4 cm
2019,5 à 20,4 cm
2120,5 à 21,4 cm
Bracelet sizeWrist size in centimeters
1413 à 13,9 cm
1514 à 14,9 cm
1615 à 15,9 cm
1716 à 16,9 cm
1817 à 17,9 cm
1918 à 18,9 cm
2019 à 19,9 cm
2120 à 20,9 cm

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